Community Board 9 - Where is the Money??!!! Sign the petition today

CB9 gets about a $250,000 a year of tax payers' money, but refuses to disclose their finances.

Since last year Community Board 9 in Brooklyn has not had a District Manager and since April 2016, there has been no hired staff despite the fact that they have a personnel budget of $200,000 per year.
Community Board 9 is the only Community Board without staff!

If they don't use this money for personnel they can use it for non-personnel expenses! For the last two years there has been no financial report given to the community regarding this public funding. Last month the Treasurer of CB9 stated she was going to give the community a budget and financial report, however, this month she has simply refused.

So Where is the Money??!!!
How Have They Been Spending It?
What Have They Been Spending It On???

We are asking for your support! Please sign our petition demanding that Community Board 9 provide the community with a financial report as well as hire staff person to operate the District Office.
Please click on the link below to sign the petition.